Transparency of data about the electricity market

Elia contributes to transparency of the European electricity market by publishing information about the Belgian electricity market.

As a transmission system operator, Elia must comply with regulations (CE) No. 714/2009 and (CE) No. 543/2013, which require the publication of data about the Belgian electricity market.

The purpose of the regulations is to provide the basis for a harmonised, transparent environment on the European electricity market. The publication of data, in line with transparency rules, create a level playing field between all market players, which fosters the development of the electricity market.

In particular, regulation (CE) No. 543/2013 imposes the creation of a common European platform for data on the wholesale electricity market. The publications platform, created by ENTSO-E, is fed by market players and to a large extent, European system operators. Elia especially works with third parties for data which it does not own; it centralises it before sending it to the transparency platform. The platform is freely accessible by clicking the link below.

European transparency platform:

Moreover, for local Belgian market requirements, on its website, Elia also publishes data on the Belgian market. For some publication areas, users are redirected to the European platform or to partner websites (in which case, a hyperlink is proposed).

Types of data

Transparency data on the Elia website is sub-divided into different menus:

  • real-time consumption data and load forecast data for the Elia zone;
  • data on Elia interconnections with foreign countries (interconnection capacities, appointments, physical flows, grid component maintenance scheduling); 
  • generation data for the Elia zone (generation facilities, available capacity forecast, nominations, unscheduled outages, generated capacities, plans to build new generation plants);
  • data on the Elia zone balance (Elia zone imbalance, reserves available for balancing, activation of reserves by Elia, price of imbalance);
  • investment plan for the Elia grid.

Besides, there is a downloading space for historical data.

All transparency data on the Elia website are time tagged using CET / CEST time.