Rescue drill in the microtunnel in partnership with GRIMP

On Saturday 16 March, Elia and 20 specialists from GRIMP (Groupe de Reconnaissance et d’Intervention en Milieu Périlleux, the Hazardous Environment Reconnaissance and Rescue Unit) practised carrying out a rescue operation in a confined space. This was an excellent opportunity to check the consistency and implementation of evacuation procedures, gauge the responsiveness of worksite and rescue teams and remind everyone of the importance of the safety rules.

The ALEGrO project’s microtunnel is currently under construction at the Cheratte viaduct. The refresher drill organised by GRIMP’s teams covered both the tunnel, which measures 2 metres across, and its two 30-metre-deep access shafts.

The morning’s activities kicked off with a recap of the safety measures and procedures. This was followed by two role-playing scenarios: use of a stretcher to evacuate an injured worker from the bottom of the shaft, and administration of first aid by a team of first aiders at the bottom of the shaft.

“We agreed to host the drill on the ALEGrO worksite because we felt it was essential to remind our teams of the importance of the safety measures in place on all our sites. The morning’s drills gave us the chance to check the consistency of our evacuation procedures and test the responsiveness of our worksite teams. I’m happy to say that everything went very well! “ 

Elsa Celens, ALEGrO Project Manager

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