Dismantling an overhead line (70.423) following changes to the Liège network

Optimisation of the Liège network

The project consists of dismantling the 70-kV overhead line currently linking the Ans substation to the Bressoux substation. In fact, given the changes made to Elia's Liège network and the end of life of certain elements that are part of this line, the line is no longer useful and can be dismantled.
The line is 8.9 km long and crosses the territory of Ans, Liège and Herstal. The security of the region's electricity supply will continue to be ensured thanks to the Elia grid.

  • texteBenefits to society
    Ensuring infrastructure security and reliability
    As part of its mission as Belgium's high-voltage system operator, Elia must ensure the safety and reliability of its infrastructure at all times. Accordingly, certain lines need to be upgraded while others need to be dismantled. The decision is taken to dismantle a line when it is deemed to be no longer necessary for the functioning of the grid or when it reaches the end of its life. This is the case with the Ans-Bressoux line.

    Ensuring security of supply
    Security of electricity supply remains ensured thanks to the density of Elia's grid as well as the various upgrades recently carried out on the Liège network to address changing needs in the region. In fact, the current reorganisation of the Liège network will enable Elia to streamline its facilities in the region. 
  • texteThe route
  • environnementEnvironment
    Elia pays particular attention to the proper execution of its projects and to the environment in which the works are carried out. Procedures are implemented for each step with a view to limiting the impact on fauna, flora, mobility and on the residents. 
  • Schedule

    A dismantling project is carried out in four main stages:

    • Phase 1: Preparation of the pylons and installation of protection systems
    • Phase 2: Removal of electrical conductors
    • Phase 3: Dismantling the pylons
    • Phase 4: Dismantling the foundations and restoring the site

    For organisational reasons on the various project sites, the dismantling of the Ans-Bressoux line will be sequenced by section. In the event of prolonged changes to local traffic rules, the company responsible for carrying out the work will inform the local residents in due time. Any such changes are always established in agreement with the municipal authorities and the local police.s

    The provisional schedule for the dismantling of the Ans-Bressoux line is as follows:

    • 2021: Dismantling the conductors and pylons on the section between the Bressoux substation and pylon no. 34 (on Rue du Haut Pavé in Liège) 
    • 2022: Dismantling the conductors and pylons on the rest of the line (section by section)
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10 December 2021

Five pylons dismantled using a helicopter

As part of the dismantling of the Ans-Bressoux overhead line, five pylons on this line were removed by helicopter on 8 December 2021.

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