News Avelgem-Avelin

01 April 2019

Phase 1 still in progress                                                                     

Since October 2018, our teams have reinforced the pylons and foundations of the Avelgem-Avelin link. On March 5, several colleagues from the project team came to visit the site to attend assembly work.         

01 October 2018

Work begins on the Avelgem-Avelin connection                      

Following the award of the planning permit in July, work is now under way on the project to upgrade the 380 kV line between Avelgem substation and Avelin.                 

01 September 2018

Elia secures an environmental permit for Avelgem-Avelin

Last week, Elia secured an environmental permit from the Flemish Government for the Flemish section of the Avelgem-Avelin project. The permit is for the upgrade of the existing 380 kV high-voltage line between the high-voltage substation at Avelgem and the border between the Flemish and Walloon Regions.

01 July 2018

Planning permit awarded for Avelgem-Avelin connection upgrade

An important new milestone has just been reached in the project to upgrade the high-voltage line between the substations at Avelgem and Avelin: Wallonia Public Service (WPS) has now approved planning permission.

01 May 2018

Elia submits permit application

Elia has submitted a permit application for the Avelgem-Avelin project (Flemish section). Elia plans to start work in the autumn, when it will strengthen the pylons and foundations.

01 April 2018

Public consultation ends                                                   

On 27 March, the public consultation launched as part of the planning permit application for the project to upgrade the existing 2 x 380 kV overhead line between Avelgem and Avelin came to an end.

01 February 2018

Public consultation starts                                                  

On 1 February 2018, the planning permit application for the project to upgrade the existing 2 x 380-kV overhead line was submitted to the Public Service Wallonia.

01 February 2018

Elia submits planning permit application for Avelgem-Avelin overhead line

On 1 February 2018, the project to upgrade the 2 x 380-kV overhead line linking the Avelgem and Avelin substations entered a new phase.
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