Work at Wevelgem high-voltage substation

Elia is carrying out work to update the Wevelgem high-voltage substation so that it can better distribute and transmit electricity flows in the future. The work will be carried out in multiple phases and will run until 2024.

Work at Wevelgem high-voltage substation

Elia is set to modify the Wevelgem high-voltage substation located between Menenstraat and Lage Posthoornstraat, and also plans to restructure the layout of the high-voltage substation. This work is important in order to upgrade the electricity grid in the area.

Modified earthworks methods

When the earthworks started, local residents noticed vibrations. At Elia's request, the contractor switched to using working methods that reduce vibrations. For example, less heavy machinery is now being used in the area next to homes. The heavy machinery we use in this area will only roll and not vibrate. Accordingly, the contractor is laying soil in thinner layers so that less force is needed to pack it.

Less disruption for local residents

To limit the visual disruption for local residents, the contractor has covered the site fence with black tarps. Work is only carried out during the day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the latest. You will have electricity at all times during the work.

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