Laying a new underground electricity cable and dismantling the existing overhead power line in Comines-Warneton, Wervik, Menen and Wevelgem.

Upgrading and expanding the 150-kV high-voltage grid in Comines-Warneton, Wervik, Menen and Wevelgem

Elia wants to further develop the high-voltage grid in the area around Wevelgem and Comines-Warneton. A strong and local high-voltage grid (150 kV) is essential to guarantee a reliable power supply for businesses and households in the area. 

  • texteBenefits to society

    The existing high-voltage (70-kV) overhead line between Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem is nearing the end of its service life and will be decommissioned in the future. To replace it, Elia will lay a new 150-kV underground cable. This higher voltage level will allow the line to carry more electricity. This is necessary to prepare the grid for rising energy demand in the area, so that Elia can continue to guarantee a reliable electricity supply for businesses and households. 

    Once it has laid the new underground cables and modified the Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem high-voltage substations, Elia can start dismantling the existing high-voltage (70-kV) overhead line between Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem. 

  • texteThe route
    The project comprises four subprojects:

    1. Modifications at Wevelgem high-voltage substation (2021–2023)
    Elia will modify the Wevelgem high-voltage (150-kV) substation so that the new higher-voltage (150-kV) electricity cables can be connected. 

    2. Laying of underground cable (2022–2024)
    Elia will lay a new 150-kV underground cable between the Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem high-voltage substations. This cable will pass through the municipalities of Comines-Warneton, Wervicq, Menin and Wevelgem.  The route largely follows the N58 regional road in the municipalities of Comines-Warneton and Wervicq,

    3. Modifications at Bas-Warneton high-voltage substation (2022–2026)
    Elia will modify the Bas-Warneton high-voltage (70-kV) substation so that the new higher-voltage (150-kV) cable can be connected. The work will be split into two phases. First, Elia will carry out the work needed to connect the high-voltage substation to the new 150-kV power cable. After that, the 70-kV part will be dismantled. 

    4. Dismantling of existing high-voltage line (from 2026)
    Once it has laid the underground cable, Elia will dismantle the existing 70-kV overhead line between Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem. This line, which crosses four municipalities in the provinces of Hainaut and West Flanders, has reached the end of its service life.

    Visit here the interactive map

  • environnementEnvironment

    As early as the design and study phase for a project's route and implementation method, Elia is already considering how the project will affect people, the environment and the local area. With that in mind, a number of measures designed to limit disruption have been put in place for the Bas-Warneton–Wevelgem project.

    • Elia is committed to minimising the duration of the work and the amount of space affected (work areas).
    • After work is completed, the land is always restored to its original state on the basis of a survey.
    • Elia only carries out work during the day.
    • Elia agrees specific access routes with the municipal authorities and the local police with a view to spreading out and limiting site traffic.
    • If local residents are set to experience a temporary increase in disruption for a specific reason, Elia or its subcontractors always send out individual letters to those affected to notify them.
    • If normal traffic has to be diverted, the diversions are agreed with the road authority (the municipality or the Flemish/Walloon Region) and clearly communicated to local residents.
    • Elia keeps local residents informed of the project schedule and upcoming phases by sending out letters and posting the latest information on its website.
  • Schedule
    Between May and December 2022, Elia is laying the high-voltage cables in the Walloon Region. The permit phase is ongoing for the part located in the Flemish Region.
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27 April 2022

Start of laying of underground electricity cables

In early May 2022, Elia will start laying underground electricity cables (150 kV) between the Bas-Warneton (Neerwaasten) high-voltage substation and Wevelgem. Work is needed to continue to ensure a reliable supply of electricity for businesses and citizens.

01 February 2022

Report on the digital information session for local residents

On Tuesday, 25 January 2022, Elia held a digital information session to provide local residents with information about the laying of a new underground electricity cable between Neerwaasten and Wevelgem. Around 30 residents attended the session.

14 January 2022

Digital information session for residents on 25 January 

At 8 p.m. on Tuesday 25 January 2022, Elia will hold a digital information session on the installation of a new underground power cable between Bas-Warneton and Wevelgem. Register via the link below or by calling freephone number 0800 11 089.

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