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The BE-DE II project is a second interconnection between Belgium and Germany 

Second interconnection between Belgium and Germany

New interconnectors are required in order to strengthen the European electricity market, facilitate the energy transition and overcome the challenge associated with it.  For these aims to be achieved, the North-South axis must be reinforced and East-West, interconnections must be built.  Europe’s need for these projects is clear.
After ALEGrO, the BE-DE II project will be the second interconnection between Belgium and Germany, and has already been labeled as a PCI project. As with the first interconnection, it will be the result of a partnership between Elia and Amprion.  Further study is required to determine the new interconnector’s location, route and capacity, and set a timetable for its construction.  Elia and Amprion are conducting a bilateral feasibility study to this end.  More information will be provided in future development plans.                                                                                                                         
  • texteIn the interest of society

    This second interconnector aims at delivering three main objectives:

    • Contribute to further price convergence.
    • Enhance the integration of renewables at European level.
    • Help managing increasingly volatile energy flows within the European energy system

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