885 alternatives? What’s the situation?

During the 15-day consultation period following the Preliminary Information Meeting carried out last September in video form, all local residents were able to ask questions, make comments and propose alternatives.

As the applicant, Elia has of course read all of these letters, through which 885 alternatives can be mapped out.
In practical terms, these 885 alternatives therefore represent the suggestions proposed in writing by citizens during the consultation period.
All of these letters have, of course, been provided to the regional authorities, without excluding any of the suggestions. Indeed, this work will be carried out officially by an independent firm, approved by the Walloon Region.

The large number of alternatives obviously includes relevant proposals, but also similar or even completely identical options; others that are technically impractical, do not meet the needs of the grid or that would be difficult to implement from a personal safety and infrastructure point of view

This review is carried out by Elia purely for information purposes and with no legal requirement to do so. It does not in any way replace the submission and justification of possible alternatives, which must be carried out by the consulting firm in the Environmental Impact Assessment. That EIA will be compiled, if necessary, after the decision of Minister Borsus to start the procedure for revising the Area Plan.

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