Installation of new underground electricity cables to supply energy to the Bruges area

New 36 kV double cable connection to replace the existing cable

System operator Elia is planning work in the area around Sijsele so that security of supply will continue to be guaranteed. The project involves laying a new underground 36 kV double cable between Bruges and Sijsele. Sijsele is currently supplied with power by two separate cables from Eeklo and Bruges. The new 36 kV underground cable is a double connection that will replace the two separate cables.

  • texteIn the interest of society
    Elia is planning to lay new 36-kV underground cables between Bruges and Sijsele. The existing cables date from 1937 and have reached the end of their service lives. This project will allow Elia to continue guaranteeing the security of supply in the Bruges area in the future. Once work is complete, the current outdated connection will be decommissioned.
  • texteThe route

    The new 36-kV underground cables will be laid between the existing substations in Bruges and Sijsele. The cable connection is around eight kilometres long and runs along Altebijstraat, Maalse Steenweg (N9), Vossenberg, Rijckeveldestraat and Kerkweg. Thanks to earlier modifications to the grid and by laying two electricity cables at the same time, Elia can replace the existing 31-kilometre-long connection between Bruges and Eeklo with a shorter underground cable.



30 December 2020

Preview of the schedule for 2021

Elia is laying new 36-kV underground electricity cables between Bruges and Sijsele.

01 July 2020

Project schedule updated due to coronavirus

To limit the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the project, Elia has drawn up a new project schedule for the installation of underground electricity cables between Bruges and Sijsele.

15 May 2020

Directional drilling under intersections on Maalse Steenweg

On Friday 15 May, Elia began directional drilling on Maalse Steenweg (N9) at the intersections with Assebroeklaan and Fortuinstraat. This means that traffic on Maalse Steenweg can continue to use these intersections during cable-laying work taking place in the middle lane.

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