Temporary change in traffic rules on Maalse Steenweg (N9) starting on 8 March 2021

Elia is laying new 36-kV underground electricity cables between Bruges and Sijsele. This will mainly happen via the central reservation on Maalse Steenweg (N9).

In 2020, Elia started work in Bruges on Maalse Steenweg. Elia has been working between house numbers 267 and 337 since January 2021. On 8 March 2021, the worksite zone will move further towards the town of Damme and the work will take place between house number 337 and Pelderijnstraat. The electricity work will last until the end of May 2021, after which the road surface will be restored. 

Restoration of the Maalse Steenweg road surface between house numbers 267 and 337 (phase 3)

Elia has been working on Maalse Steenweg (N9) between house numbers 267 and 337 since early January 2021. The underground electricity cables have been laid. The open trench has also already been filled in with sand. Elia is currently restoring the road surface of Maalse Steenweg to its original state. According to the current schedule, these road works will run until the end of March 2021

Worksite zone on Maalse Steenweg to move shortly (phases 4 and 5) 

The worksite zone on Maalse Steenweg will soon move towards Damme. This will happen from house number 337 to Pelderijnstraat. Elia is digging an open trench in the central reservation of Maalse Steenweg (N9). The underground electricity cables will be laid in the trench and Elia will then backfill the trench and restore the road surface. Elia will carry out the work in this zone between 8 March and late May 2021. The road surface will be definitively restored at a later stage. More information about this will follow later.  

Temporary change in traffic rules at the site (phases 4 and 5)

From 8 March to late May 2021 Maalse Steenweg (N9) will remain open to travel in both directions while the work is in progress. However, the number of exit lanes and turning points will be reduced. Homes and businesses will remain accessible at all times.  

  • Traffic from Bruges will not be able to turn left into Bos en Lommer, Vijversdreef, Holleweg or Pelderijnsstraat.
  • Traffic from Damme will not be able to turn left into Zilversparrenstraat, Margareta van Vlaanderenstraat or Holleweg. 

Vehicles can always use a later turn or a turning point to reach those streets. Some traffic disruption can be expected during rush hour. 

Minimising disruption

The contractor and Elia will make every effort to minimise disruption. Houses and businesses will remain accessible at all times and you will be personally informed of any short-term exceptions. There will be no power outages during the works. 

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