Josaphat electrical substation: Installation of a spare transformer following the power breakdown

Following the incident that occurred in early April causing an involuntary interruption of electricity in the municipalities of Schaerbeek and Evere, the situation was restored by the teams deployed on site.

Since then, a temporary solution has assured the electricity supply to neighbourhoods affected by the breakdown. Urgent work is also being carried out by Elia in order to switch from this emergency solution to a stable and reliable situation. 

This work includes, among other things, the replacement of the current transformer, made unusable since the incident, by a spare transformer. As the model of the latter is different, a study will be carried out as soon as it is commissioned, scheduled for the end of April, in order to verify compliance with acoustic standards. If necessary, mitigation measures will be implemented as soon as possible. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

No planned electricity outage will be organised during the installation of the spare transformer.

At the same time, the work initially planned in the electricity substation will continue.

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