Reinstatement of the Route du Condroz

The construction works for the high-voltage underground connection linking the Seraing CCGT power plant to the Elia electricity substation located in Rimière (Neupré) are continuing as planned.

The construction of the first two sections (between the Rimière substation and the Route de Seraing) has been completed successfully. The reinstatement of the Route du Condroz can now begin.

The Route du Condroz will be reinstated in two stages:

  • Currently ongoing: preparation works - reinstatement of the central reservation;
  • From 8 to 17 May (in coordination with other construction sites): reinstatement of the traffic lanes in the direction from Marche-en-Famenne towards Liège.

If a modification to local traffic is necessary, Elia will notify local residents as the case may be, in consultation with the local authorities.

In parallel with this road reinstatement phase, the cable installation worksite is now continuing towards the Route de Seraing / Route de Rotheux. Since it must be closed off to car traffic during the works, a deviation has been put in place. For more info, please consult the interactive map dedicated to this project.

According to the provisional schedule, the Route de Seraing / Route de Rotheux will be fully reinstated in mid-August 2023.

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