Connecting the future Seraing CCGT power plant to the Elia grid

Connection of a new generation unit to Elia's grid

The project will involve laying a new 220 kV underground line connecting the future natural gas fired thermal power plant in Seraing to the Elia grid.

Although there is already a connection between the existing thermal power plant and the Elia grid, this needs to be upgraded in light of the construction of a new generation unit.

  • texteIn the interest of society
    The ongoing energy transition means that Belgium's energy landscape is constantly evolving, both in terms of generation sources (renewables, fossil fuels, etc.) and consumption (electrification of society, new consumers, etc.). This is a far-reaching change to which all electricity market players must adapt. 

    As transmission system operator, Elia plays a key role in making this change a success with a view to creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly world in which to bring about the energy transition. 

    To ensure a successful transition, new generation units need to be connected to the high-voltage grid, and the project to lay a new underground line between the future gas-fired power plant in Seraing and the Elia grid is part of this process.
  • texteThe route

    The 220-kV cables between the future Luminus CCGT power plant in Seraing and Elia's substation in Rimière (Neupré) will be laid in parallel in the same trench. The proposed route takes into account local land-related concerns and respects the environment and quality of life in the surrounding area.

  • environnementEnvironment
    CSD Ingénieurs, an independent, external consultancy approved by the Walloon Region, has been tasked with analysing the potential environmental impact of the project. The company will conduct an environmental impact assessment of the Elia project, and the assessment results will be incorporated into the planning permit application.
  • Schedule
    • Advance public information meeting: 22 September 2020
    • Environmental impact assessment: October – November 2020
    • Submission of permit application: November 2020
    • Public consultation:  January 2021 – February 2021
    • Application decision: June 2021
    • Start of work: November 2022
    • End of works: April - May 2024
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01 February 2024

Installation of protective barriers for amphibians along our trenches in Seraing

With temperatures rising both day and night, amphibians are likely to migrate to breeding grounds over the next few days or even weeks.

12 September 2023

Work continues on Route de Seraing

The work required to connect the future CCGT power station  in Seraing to the Elia grid is continuing. This Monday our teams will begin to install junction box pit n° 7 (part of the new underground connection)  alongside the road between Neupré and Seraing.

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