Optimising and upgrading the Elia grid

As part of the Garnstock-Eupen project, Elia is dismantling a 70 kV overhead line and modifying a pylon between the Eupen and Garnstock substations both situated in Eupen.

  • texteIn the interest of society
    • Guaranteeing the electricity grid's security and reliability
      The 70 kV line (ref. 70.937) between the Eupen and Garnstock substations, which dates back to 1925, has now reached the end of its service life. This project involves dismantling the line's conductors and four of its pylons, while the fifth pylon, located on the site of the Garnstock substation, will be kept and upgraded.
    • Optimising infrastructure while ensuring security of supply
      Elia's goal with these works is to optimise facilities in this part of its grid while maintaining security of supply for local residents.
  • texteThe route

  • environnementEnvironment
    Elia is keeping local residents informed through letters, a project web page and other initiatives. Those directly affected will also be contacted individually.
  • Schedule
    • Stage 1: Work on the pylon at the Garnstock substation (October 2020)
    • Stage 2: Removal of conductors (November 2020)
    • Stage 3: Dismantling of pylons and their foundations (December 2020).

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