Pylon dismantling work set to recommence from 22 May

On 22 May, dismantling work on the 70 kV overhead line between Gouy and Monceau will resume.

This final stage of the project aims to dismantle the 86 pylons and their foundations.  The dismantling of the pylons follows a strict procedure in order to limit any risk of incident during the works.

First of all, the tower is unbolted or cut with a saw at its base. It is then lifted by crane and placed vertically in a container. A hydraulic shear then cuts the tower into several parts. The use of a high-sided container means that the cut can be made inside the container to prevent any chippings falling onto the ground. Afterwards, the foundations are also dismantled. All the materials are then evacuated into the dedicated recycling channels. 

The work will start on 22 May and should be completed by the end of the summer.

If you have any further questions, our teams are at your disposal on 0800 18 002 or by e-mail at

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