Herentals-Heze project

New underground cables between the Herentals high-voltage substation and the Heze high-voltage substation in Geel with an additional connection to the Umicore site in Olen

New underground cables are needed to continue to guarantee a reliable power supply to the region

Elia is planning to lay new 150-kV underground cables in Herentals, Olen and Geel.

  • texteIn the interest of society

    Elia is planning to lay new 150-kV underground cables in Herentals, Olen and Geel, to enable an expansion and restructuring of the electricity grid. This is necessary to prepare the grid for increasing energy demand in the area. The project will allow Elia to continue guaranteeing a reliable electricity supply for businesses and households in the region in the future.

  • texteThe route


    The 150-kV underground cables will be laid between the high-voltage substation in Herentals and the Heze high-voltage substation in Geel. The approximately 11-kilometre route runs through the municipality of Olen and the cities of Herentals and Geel. Elia is also planning an additional cable connection to the Umicore site in Olen from the Herentals high-voltage substation, a total distance of one kilometre. The routes of both underground cables were established in dialogue with the municipal and city authorities concerned. The work will take place in phases.

    Why was this route chosen? 

    Elia always looks for routes that have the least possible impact on the surrounding area and local residents. This is always done in consultation with the relevant government departments. Various routes were examined for the Herentals-Heze project:

    • Routing the line via the Albert Canal is not possible because laying cables in the towpath could hinder future work on the canal. 
    • Laying high-voltage cables in existing pipeline channels is not safe because other infrastructure cables are also located there.
    • The cables cannot be laid under Herentalseweg and Geelseweg (N13) because this regional road was recently completely renovated. 

    Accordingly, an alternative route through Herentals, Olen and Geel was sought. The underground cable will be laid almost exclusively in public land (for example under streets). When laying cables, existing infrastructure lines are taken into account, a sufficient distance from homes is maintained and guidelines on magnetic fields are respected. The proposed route was selected in consultation with the municipal services of the towns involved. 




19 August 2022

Last phase of works completed

Over the past year and a half, Elia has been carrying out works for the laying of new underground cables (150kV) in Herentals, Olen and Geel. All works have now been completed.


21 March 2022

Road restored in Spendijk and Grensstraat

On Wednesday 16 March and Tuesday 22 March 2022, Elia will resurface the road in Grensstraat and Spendijk. During the work, a modified traffic situation will be in place. After these works have been completed, the road will be passable again.


18 February 2022

Laying of underground high-voltage cables begins in Watertorenstraat

On Monday 28 February 2022, Elia will start laying underground electricity cables (150kV) at the Watertorenstraat in Olen. During these works, a changed traffic situation applies. The works expected to take about two months.

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