High-voltage substation Koksijde

Making high-voltage substation Koksijde more modern and greener. 

Adaptation of high-voltage substation Koksijde

Elia is going to adapt its installations in the high-voltage substation in Koksijde. This is necessary in order to support the energy transition in the region. Furthermore, the surroundings of the high-voltage station will be made greener. 
  • texteBenefits to society
    The high-voltage substation in Koksijde is an important node that provides the Belgian west coast with electricity. System operator Elia wants to ready this node for the future. Because of the energy transition, higher electricity consumption is expected in the region due to, for example, the increase in electric vehicles, the use of heat pumps and the electrification of businesses. It is necessary to adapt the high-voltage substation in Koksijde to meet the needs of the future. Furthermore, efforts are also going to be made to make the high-voltage substation and its surroundings greener.
  • texteWorks

    Elia is going to carry out the following activities :

    • Installation of a phase-shifting transformer (150kV)
      Elia will install a phase-shifting transformer (Phase Shifter) in the high-voltage substation. This is a type of ‘flow valve’ that regulates the power on the installations. The phase-shifting transformer is necessary in order to prevent offshore wind farms from overloading the region's electricity grid.

    • Installation of new transformer (150kV/11kV)
      A transformer converts voltage from a higher to lower level and vice versa. A new transformer will ensure that Elia can convert more high-voltage electricity (150 kV) to medium voltage (11 kV). Distribution system operator Fluvius will bring this electricity to homes and businesses in the region.

    • Expansion and renewal of switching equipment (70kV and 150kV)
      To be able to use new transformers, an expansion or renewal of switching equipment is necessary. This system is similar to the electricity distribution box in a house, but then on a much larger scale. Switching equipment consists of several switching fields connected to each other by a bus bar.

    • Construction of new control room (150kV)
      Elia is going to build a new control room that monitors the operation of the high-voltage substation. Data (frequency, voltage, power) is transmitted continuously from the relay room to Elia. This makes it possible to operate the high-voltage substation safely.

  • environnementEnvironment

    During the works, Elia will strive to minimise disruption to local residents.

    • The works will only be carried out during the day, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
    • Elia guarantees that homes and businesses will always be accessible during the works.
    • Site traffic will use the shortest, safest and most accessible routes.

    After the works, Elia will create additional green buffers and zones.

    • Extending hedges and planting trees around the high-voltage substation
    • The planting of two rows of pollard willows along Ganzestraat as a visual buffer from Koksijdesteenweg
    • Sowing gravel beds in the high-voltage substation with ground-covering dune vegetation
  • Schedule
    • 2020-2022: Studies and discussions with stakeholders
    • July 2022: Submit environmental permit application
    • August - September 2022: Public inquiry
    • Summer 2023: Obtain environmental permit
    • Summer 2023-2026: Modification works high-voltage substation
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High-voltage substation Koksijde

08 August 2023

Modernising high-voltage substation Koksijde

On 7 August 2023, Elia will start modernisation work on outdated high-voltage substation Koksijde on the Ganzestraat. Work will include the addition of more greenery to the area around the high-voltage substation. The work will take three years to complete. Local residents will not experience any power cuts.

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