Start of dismantling high-voltage pylons inLille and Poederlee

Elia is dismantling the high-voltage line (150 kV) between Massenhoven and Poederlee. The electricity cables near the residential areas of Lille and Poederlee have already been removed. Elia will start dismantling the high-voltage pylons in early November.

Dismantling high-voltage pylons in 4 steps

As of early November, Elia will dismantle the high-voltage pylons near the residential areas of Lille and Poederlee. These works will last until the end of December. The dismantling of high-voltage pylons will take place in four steps:

  • Dismantling of the high-voltage pylons using cranes
  • Disposal and recycling of pylon components
  • Removing the foundation (where possible)
  • Soil restoration

Minimising disruption

Elia is trying to limit disruption during the works as much as possible. It is possible that cranes or equipment will partially occupy the public road for a short period of time. In this case, always follow the signs or directions provided.

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