Our response to Covid-19
Discover the initiatives taken by Elia to keep lights on during the epidemic

Elia uses wooden structures during work on the lines

Elia is currently replacing the conductors on the section of the Mercator-Horta 380 kV high-voltage line between Ghent and Kruibeke. The conductors are being replaced by a new type of conductor that can transmit more energy.

Preventing conductor sag

The old conductors must be removed before the new ones are installed. There is a risk here that the cables will sag too much so, to guarantee safety, wooden frames are being erected along roads (see photo) to ensure that the conductors always remain at a safe height. Wooden frames may be used in the same location on two separate occasions during the work, as there are conductors on both the left and the right of high-voltage pylons and they all need to be replaced. As such, the frames will be erected a second time once winter is over. They will be dismantled after the old conductors have been removed and replaced.


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