Restoration of road surface on Ter Varentstraat and start of work on Bloemenlei

Elia is restoring the road surface and completing the work on Ter Varentstraat in Mortsel. Starting on 9 June, the worksite will move towards Agfa-Gevaert and Elia will start laying underground cables in Bloemenlei.

Restoration of road surface on Ter Varentstraat

On Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 June Elia will complete the work in Ter Varentstraat. The road surface will be re-bricked, filled in with sand and tidied up. This section of the road will then be re-opened to traffic in both directions. Homes will remain accessible at all times.

Laying of cables in Bloemenlei

From Wednesday 9 June to Sunday 20 June the worksite zone will shift again. During this period, Elia will lay electricity cables between Bloemenlei and the intersection with Deurnestraat. A trench will be dug in the road surface in which cables will be laid. This will be done on the side of the street with even house numbers. Once the work is finished, Elia will refill the trench and restore the road surface.

Driveways will remain accessible during the project, except when the conduits are laid. 

Temporary change in traffic rules

While the work is in progress Ter Varentstraat will be closed in both directions  between Bloemenlei and Deurnestraat. Through traffic will be diverted:

  • traffic from Ter Varentstraat towards Deurnestraat will be diverted via Kunstambachtslaan, Theofiel Reynlaan and Bloemenlei;
  • traffic from Deurnestraat towards Ter Varentstraat will be diverted via Guido Gezellelaan and Berthoutstraat. 

Cyclists and pedestrians will not be diverted, but can proceed via the cycle path and footpath on the side of the street with odd house numbers. However, cyclists must cross at the roundabout via the pedestrian crossing. Cyclists can then take the roundabout in the opposite direction. This situation only applies when work is carried out here (one or two days).  

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