Cable work on Saffierstraat postponed to 2021

Elia is laying a new underground electricity cable between Mortsel and Zurenborg. This is necessary because the existing cable has reached the end of its service life and must be decommissioned soon. Work on Saffierstraat was scheduled to begin in October but the cable work has been postponed due to the various measures enacted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Work on Saffierstraat postponed to spring 2021

The coronavirus is disrupting plans everywhere, and unfortunately the Mortsel-Zurenborg project is no exception. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the contractor has been forced to postpone the trench work on Saffierstraat to spring 2021. Once this work is complete, Elia will install the underground electricity cable in a trench dug on the side of Saffierstraat next to the trees. The actual start date and any disruption in the area will be announced in good time before work begins.

 To mitigate this delay, work is already under way on Edgar Tinelstraat and Corneel Jaspersstraat, where Elia is carrying out preparatory work such as directional drilling under busy intersections and installing conduits in which the cable can subsequently be laid.

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