Permit awarded

In February 2020, the planning permit application submitted by Elia for the reconstruction of the section of 150 kV overhead line between the Quevaucamps substation (Beloeil) and the existing pylon at Harchies (Bernissart) was declared complete by the authorities. Under the legislation currently in force, the application included an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and an appropriate impact assessment (AIA). 

After examining the application in detail, the relevant authorities decided in favour of the project. Now that the planning permit has been issued, it is possible to move on to the construction phase. The section built in 1962 under the old standards will be rebuilt and will follow a new, optimised route along the railway line and the E42 motorway, taking it as far away from homes as possible.

An environmental development plan was also drawn up as part of the project. Its purpose is to preserve the natural character of the area where the new line will be located. The species planted will be suited to the characteristics of the land in question as well as to the presence of the infrastructure, ensuring they can coexist harmoniously. The environmental development plan will be implemented as soon as the work is completed. 

Those local residents directly concerned by the project were informed of the upcoming start of works by post. courrier

For more information on the work schedule and to see the environmental development plan, please visit the main project page Quevaucamps-Harchies

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