1-2 July 2020 repair works on the Maldersesteenweg road surface

Repair works on the Maldersesteenweg road surface

On Wednesday, 1 July and Thursday 2 July 2020 Elia will carry out repairs on the road surface of Maldersesteenweg. The top layer of the road surface will be repaired between house numbers 52–48 and 131–143. The dates are subject to change since repairs on asphalt are highly weather-dependent.

No through traffic via Maldersesteenweg

During the works, through traffic on Maldersesteenweg between Malderen and Sint-Jozefwill be diverted in both directions via Provincielaan (N259), Dendermondsesteenweg (N17), Lippelodorp and Kasteeldreef. The temporary change in traffic rules will have an impact on the timetable of bus line 251. More information about changes to the bus timetable can be found at www.delijn.be.

Minimising disruption 

Elia and its contractors are making every effort to minimise disruption. Local traffic will remain possible in Maldersesteenweg. Vehicles will not be able to drive in the vicinity of the site. All homes and businesses will remain accessible on foot. There will be no power outages during the works.

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