Electricity cables to be laid in Beekstraat from early August

Work in two phases

Elia is laying underground electricity cables in the road surface in Beekstraat. The work is being carried out in two phases. In the first phase, Elia installed conduits between house numbers 20 and 98, enabling electricity cables to subsequently be pulled through. This first phase has now been completed. In the second phase, underground electricity cables will be laid between house numbers 100 and 146. This will be done using an open trench in the road surface. These works are expected to begin on 3 August 2020 and will last until mid-November 2020.


Diversion via Westdijk and Tisseltstraat

During the works, Beekstraat will be completely closed off to through traffic between house numbers 100 and 146. Local traffic will remain possible. Homes in Beekstraat located outside the worksite zone will remain accessible via diversions along Westdijk and Tisseltstraat. Signs will be in place to direct traffic.


Temporary diversion of De Lijn buses

During the works, bus 260 will be diverted, meaning that Flemish public transport company  De Lijn will be unable to serve certain stops on the current route. In Tisselt, the Wolvenstraat and School bus stops will not be served. In Ramsdonk, the same goes for the Kerk, Broek, Notenstraat and Beekstraat bus stops. De Lijn will set up temporary stops at the church in Tisselt (in both directions) and in Bormstraat by Gemeenteplein (in both directions).
More information about changes to the bus timetable can be found at www.delijn.be.


Replacement of the road surface and pavement

At the end of the works, the entire road surface in the first section of Beekstraat – so the part of the street in the built-up area – will be relaid and replaced with an asphalt surface. This will be done in collaboration with the Municipality of Willebroek. These works will be carried out in the  period mentioned above. Afterwards, the Municipality of Willebroek itself will replace the pavement on the side of the street with odd-numbered houses. This will be coordinated with the works in the Cardijnwijk neighbourhood.

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