Operation to dismantle high-voltage line between Londerzeel and Mechelen set to begin on 12 April 2021 

On Monday, 12 April 2021, Elia will begin dismantling a high-voltage line between Londerzeel and Mechelen. 

The 70-kV high-voltage line is reaching the end of its life. All electric wires in the line will be removed over a distance of 10 km. The work will be carried out in multiple phases throughout 2021. Afterwards, in 2022, the high-voltage pylons will also be taken down. Elia recently laid new underground 150-kV power cables in order to continue guaranteeing the supply of electricity in the region. 

End of life reached

Elia will dismantle a 70-kV high-voltage line running through the towns of Londerzeel, Willebroek, Kapelle-op-den-Bos and Mechelen. This line, which is about 10 km long, has reached the end of its life. In recent years, Elia has laid new 150-kV underground electricity cables as part of the Schelle-Malderen-Mechelen project. Thanks to these underground cables, Elia can continue guaranteeing the supply of electricity in the region. 

Path of the 70-kV high-voltage line that will be dismantled
Removal of electric wires in 2021
From mid-April to the end of 2021 Elia will remove the electric wires from all the high-voltage pylons. This is done by pulling the wires down and rolling them up. Houses and roads underneath the power line will be protected by wooden frames or cranes. The entire route covered by the line between Londerzeel and Mechelen will be divided into different phases, with the work in each phase lasting about three or four weeks

When Elia starts work on a certain phase, local residents will receive a letter ahead of time with more information about the specific types of disruption and possible diversions during the works. 

Dismantling of high-voltage pylons in 2022

Elia will remove the high-voltage pylons in 2022. The pylons will be taken down using a crane. Where possible, the foundations will also be removed. Afterwards, the soil will be restored in accordance with the surrounding terrain. Landowners who have a high-voltage pylon on their property will be personally contacted by Elia. More detailed information about the various phases of the dismantling work will follow later

Other high-voltage line will remain in place

A larger 380-kV long-distance high-voltage line running alongside the 70-KV line slated for removal will remain in place. This high-voltage line is important for the flow of electricity throughout Belgium and is responsible for supplying the entire country. In other words, the smaller 70-kV high-voltage line is the one that will be removed, while the larger 380-kV high-voltage line will remain in place. 

The larger 380-kV high-voltage line that generally runs parallel to the smaller line will remain in place.
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