Reorganisation of the regional grid and introduction of permit applications

Given the significant changes to the socio-economic landscape of Liège (sharp rise in the local population, diminishing heavy industry, economic development, etc.), Elia is having to adapt its grid to meet identified growing short, medium and long-term needs.

The programme dubbed "The Seraing Project" is part of this process of boosting reliability and reinforcing the high-voltage power grid and entails reorganising and optimising the regional meshing of its electricity system.

This local grid optimisation will be achieved by simultaneously implementing six projects in the Seraing area:
  • 2 projects in Seraing itself
    • Reorganisation of injections into the medium-voltage grid at the Seraing substation
    • Reorganisation of the 70 kV injection at Seraing/Tilleur
  • 2 projects in Ougrée
    • Abandonment of the Ougrée HV substation and line connection point bypass.
    • Demolition of a line linking Ougrée and Sart-Tilman
  • 2 projects in Sart-Tilman
    • Reorganisation of the present HV substation at Sart-Tilman
    • Creation of a transition substation enabling an additional supply from the present Sart-Tilman substation via a new underground cable 

The first project in Seraing is currently being finalised, whereas licence applications for the other 5 projects are being submitted between May 2018 and the end of 2018. Work is not expected to begin before the end of 2018.

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