A grid upgrade project essential for regional economic development

As the transmission system operator of Belgium's high-voltage grid, Elia's main mission is to transmit electricity from where it is generated to distribution networks to meet consumers' ever-increasing electricity needs. Consequently, Elia plays a key role in the economic development of Belgium's Regions and their main cities. This is particularly true in the Liège and Seraing region, where the socio-economic landscape is undergoing significant changes.

By strengthening its grid and making it more reliable, Elia is supporting local policies and the implementation of major economic development projects, such as those set up under the city of Seraing's 'Master Plan' (Urban Boulevard, Cristal Park, Tech Park, extension of the science park, etc.). By offering a more efficient grid, Elia is also meeting the very significant electricity needs of projects such as the new MontLégia Clinic, the Liège Airport extension, and the Belgian railway (SNCB) facilities at Liers and Ans.

All these projects are essential for revitalising a region undergoing a full-blown economic transition.
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