Dismantling an overhead line

Dismantling the Sint-Niklaas overhead line

In mid-July 2020, Elia will begin dismantling the Sint-Niklaas 70kV overhead line. Wires will be removed over a distance of three kilometres and Elia will dismantle 20 high-voltage pylons.

  • texteIn the interest of society
      Elia has already worked on the Sint-Niklaas high-voltage substation in recent years, making it possible to now dismantle a 70kV overhead line in Sint-Niklaas. Originally installed back in 1924, the line has reached the end of its service line and will be decommissioned. Electricity supply to the area will continue being provided via a different overhead line (150kV) that had previously been serviced. This existing line, running along the N41 dual carriageway, connects the Sint-Niklaas high-voltage substation with the Heimolen high-voltage substation.
  • texteThe route

    Elia is dismantling a 70kV overhead line in Sint-Niklaas. The route starts at the Sint-Niklaas high-voltage substation in Knaptandstraat. The overhead line will be dismantled up to the branch with another 70kV overhead line running towards Schelle. This branch is located near the E17 motorway

  • environnementEnvironment

    All wires will be removed over a distance of three kilometres and 20 high-voltage pylons dismantled. Elia has made clear arrangements to minimise the impact of its work on the environment. These arrangements will be checked regularly by a site supervisor. 

    • Elia will work in phases to limit the duration and scale of the impact on the surrounding area.
    • Homes and businesses will remain accessible at all times while the work is under way.
    • Work will not be performed during the night, so there will be no depots or sites lit up at night-time.
    • Site vehicles will use the shortest, safest and most accessible routes.
    • Possible diversions will be discussed with the relevant authorities and announced to local residents in advance.
    • Workers will use wooden fames/gantries or cranes when removing the electric wires in order to minimise the impact of the project on the surrounding area and local residents.
    • Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to pass the worksites safely at all times.
    • Once work is complete, the worksites will be restored to their original state.

  • Schedule

    The electric wires will be removed and the high-voltage pylons dismantled in three phases.

    • Mid-July to mid-August 2020: Preparatory work (installation of frames/gantries).   Completed
    • Mid-August to mid-September 2020: Roll-up and removal of electric wires.   Completed
    • Spring 2021: Dismantling of high-voltage pylons.   Exact date to be determined
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04 March 2021

Changed traffic situations in Kuiperstraat and Blauwverstraat

Elia is dismantling the overhead power line (70kV) in Sint-Niklaas. From 25 February to 5 March 2021, high-voltage pylons will be dismantled in Kuiperstraat and Blauwverstraat.


23 December 2020

Dismantling of pylons postponed until spring 2021

Elia is working to dismantle the overhead line (70kV) in Sint-Niklaas. The wires will be removed over a distance of three kilometres. Elia is dismantling a total of 20 high-voltage pylons between the Sint-Niklaas high-voltage substation and the Heimolen high-voltage substation along the N41 dual carriageway.

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