Long-term sustainability of the 150 kV line

Following the monitoring carried out on the 150 kV overhead line between Thieulain and Gaurain, maintenance work will be carried out in order to help ensure security of supply in the region.

  • texteBenefits to society

    Ensuring the safety and reliability of the electricity grid

    The aim of this maintenance work is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the line, thereby ensuring its safe operation for the coming years. 

    Ensuring security of supply during the works 

    During the construction phase, due to the interconnection of the high-voltage grid, the electricity supply can be maintained thanks to the alternative electrical connections used as backup during this period. In order to minimise the risk of incidents and to enable electricity to be restored as quickly as possible in the unlikely event of a temporary power outage, Elia has drawn up a specific backup plan, with the support, if it proves necessary, of the Distribution System Operator, ORES. The aim is to enable the various teams to act quickly in the event of an incident on the grid and therefore limit any impacts on the electricity supply if occasional problems occur.

  • texteThe route
  • environnementEnvironment

    During each of its interventions, Elia ensures that the environmental impact of its works is kept to a minimum.

    Nevertheless, prior to the start of construction, a representative of Elia will contact each owner and occupant of the plots crossed by or surrounding the pylons of the electricity connection, in order to draw up a pre-works schedule of condition and to determine any access roads that may be needed. A final schedule of condition will also subsequently be carried out and repairs will be made where necessary.

    Bird diverters will also be installed on a section of the connection, thereby enhancing the visibility of the infrastructure for birds and significantly reducing the risk of collisions. 

  • Schedule

    According to the provisional schedule, the works will be carried out in the following stages: 

    • Early May to early June 2022: preparation of the site and assembly of pylon heads; 
    • June to August 2022: work on the overhead line; 
    • October 2022: installation of bird diverters.

    Painting will also be carried out at the same time as these works. 

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