Soil sampling in West Flanderse

As from next week until the end of August, Elia is carrying out soil investigations at various locations in West Flanders. 

On 31 March, the Flemish Government took note of a preferred route for the Ventilus project. Elia is currently having soil investigations carried out at various locations in West Flanders. These soil investigations are necessary to gather technical knowledge about the preferred route. The locations of the soil investigations are not yet an indication for determining a definitive route, but are part of a broad survey into the composition and stability of the subsoil. 

Works in three phases

A soil investigation is carried out in various phases. 

Indication of drilling locations: before the works start, the drilling locations are checked to see if utility lines are present and then indicated with markings. In addition, the contractor installs a PVC pipe that will be used in the following steps. 

  • Soil probe: in a soil probe, an iron rod is driven deep into the ground. The strength of the ground can be derived from the resistance encountered by the rod. 
  • Soil sampling: in soil sampling, a machine takes a sample of the soil. This is necessary so that the composition of the soil can be examined. The examination of the
  • Soil composition itself is carried out afterwards in a laboratory. 

The drilling locations have been determined in advance and are in the first instance limited to public areas. If soil investigations are necessary on private land, the persons concerned will be contacted individually. 

The nuisance per location will be very limited and local. Soil investigations at the various locations will be carried out from the end of April until August .

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