Decision extending the compensation scheme

As part of the Ventilus project, the current compensation scheme will be extended. This extension will enter into force for all 380kV overhead lines for which the application for the first permit is made after the final adoption of Ventilus’ Regional Spatial Implementation Plan (RSIP). In accordance with the aforementioned principles, this extension applies to all future 380kV projects throughout Belgium.

As system operator, first and foremost, Elia is committed to avoiding the impact of its infrastructure works, insofar as possible. If avoidance is not possible, we make every effort to mitigate the impact. Because mitigation sometimes fails, Elia has developed a compensation policy. The updated compensation policy can be found on our page

Updated information during infomarkets

In the coming weeks, public infomarkets on Ventilus’ Draft RSIP will also continue. At these infomarkets, Elia's team will provide explanations based on the recent decision. 

You can read and download the banners displayed at the infomarkets here: Ventilus banners (in Dutch)

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