Zaventem-Kortenberg project

New underground cables to be laid between the Zaventem high-voltage substation and Infrabel's high-voltage substation in Kortenberg

New cables to replace the existing cables, enabling the rail network to be maintained and expanded

Elia is planning to lay new 36-kV cables in Zaventem, Nossegem and Kortenberg

  • texteTo serve local needs
    The Zaventem-Kortenberg project involves Elia replacing the 36-kV cables between the municipalities of Zaventem and Kortenberg – a section of cable infrastructure which has reached the end of its service life – with a view to meeting the future electricity needs of Infrabel, the manager of Belgium's rail infrastructure. By laying new underground 36-kV cables, Elia can keep providing a reliable electricity supply for Infrabel, which is vital for the maintenance and expansion of the rail network in the Zaventem/Kortenberg area.
  • texteRoute

    Elia is planning to lay new underground cables between the Zaventem high-voltage substation and the Infrabel high-voltage substation in Kortenberg. The route for the new cables will be the same as for the existing cables between Zaventem and Kortenberg. These 36-kV cables, which span two municipalities, have a total length of 6 kilometres and largely follow the route of the Brussels-Leuven railway line. In 2019, Elia obtained an environmental permit from the relevant authorities to replace the 36-kV cables. The work will be carried out in various stages to minimise local disruption in terms of both the time any particular area is affected and the size of this area.

  • environnementLocal area
    Elia always takes the local area into account in its work. The high-voltage system operator takes a range of measures intended to minimise disruption and the impact on the surrounding area.
    • Work only takes place during the day, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
    • Elia guarantees that homes and business will remain accessible at all times while the work is under way.
    • If local residents are set to experience a temporary increase in disruption for a specific reason, Elia or its subcontractor(s) will individually notify those affected.
    • Diversion routes are decided in consultation with the contractor and the local police. As soon as Elia obtains the permit for the temporary traffic situation, this will be clearly communicated to local residents.

  • Schedule
    • December 2019: Environmental permit obtained
    • August 2020: Start of the work
    • May 2021: End of the work

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01 July 2021

Laying of underground cables between Zaventem and Kortenberg completed

Elia is laying underground electricity cables between the high-voltage substation in Zaventem and the Infrabel traction station in Kortenberg. This is vital for maintaining and expanding the rail network. The cable work was completed in late June 2021. 

22 April 2021

Final phase of cable work in Kortenberg 

Elia is laying underground cables between the high-voltage substation in Zaventem and the Infrabel site in Kortenberg. This is vital for maintaining and expanding the rail network. 

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