12 March 2024

Elia’s survey of 1,000 respondents reveals that 68% are ready to use electricity in a flexible manner if doing so will lower their energy bills

Belgian electricity transmission system operator Elia Transmission Belgium (ETB) has published the findings of a survey which was carried out to identify the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours held by Belgian residents regarding the use of electricity, the energy transition and the power grid. The main issues highlighted in the survey’s findings are consistent with the main topics of the memorandum ETB drafted for policymakers. In particular, the survey’s findings demonstrate the need for Belgium’s future energy policy to be decided on today. Accessing carbon-free energy and competitive prices by deploying the appropriate infrastructure in good time was also highlighted by respondents, as were the need for flexibility and making it attractive to consumers. Finally, the survey revealed that technological development and respect for data privacy are important topics for consumers. 

Main conclusions of the survey

  • The survey’s results demonstrate a clear rejection of fossil fuels and a preference for low-carbon energy generation.
  • Respondents reported a willingness to spread out their use of electricity across time, provided that doing so means their bills are lowered. 
  • There is a discernible dichotomy between respondents’ high expectations regarding their electricity supply and their willingness to pay for it.  
  • People generally think that electricity is the energy source of the future but also that the current power grid is not (yet) ready for an increase in electricity use. 
  • Answers show that respondents are more aware of the topic of energy independence and their own consumption habits due to the current geopolitical context.
  • There is a need to raise awareness about the energy sector: knowledge about it is limited while the impact of the energy transition on everyday life is underestimated. 

Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group
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