2014 - Results of completed consultation on the procedure of constitution of strategic reserve (winter 2014-2015)


On 4 April 2014, a draft version of this procedure was made available for final consultation by all stakeholders (grid users, producers, the federal regulator, the Energy Administration, etc.). This draft version took as much account as possible of the comments received at and between ISR Task Force meetings.

In particular, a Task Force meeting was held on 16 April 2014 at which the draft procedure was discussed and stakeholders could provide their comments. All stakeholders were invited to submit their final comments by 25 April 2014 (11:59 p.m.), the end of the consultation period according to the timetable approved by the Administration, CREG and Elia. The feedback received from market parties can be found below (unless confidential). The material discussed at the Task Force meetings and the minutes are also available on this page of the website.

An overview document outlining the impact of the feedback received during the consultation is available.

  • Feedback received between 19/03/2014 and 25/04/2014
    • Answer of Febeliec on the feedback requests made in chapter 9 of the minutes of the TF ISR of 19/03/2014
    • E.ON contribution to the consultation
    • GABE contribution to the consultation
    • FEBEG contribution to the consultation
    • Restore-Actility-EnergyPool-Anode contribution to the consultation
    • FOD/SPF DG energy contribution to the consultation (25/04/2014)
    • CREG contribution of the consultation (NL - FR )
    • Elia received a confidential feedback from Arcelor Mittal on the draft procedure (eligibility criteria SDR, availability criteria SDR,ICH-SDR exclusivity)
    • Elia received a reaction from GDF-Suez with confidential information on warm-up timings, ramp-up timings and activation duration
    • Elia received a reaction from EDF-Luminus with confidential feedback on the draft procedure (out-of-market character of strategic reserves, SGR eligibility, warm-up parameter, ramping parameters, penalties, testing, coordinated unavailability and changes in Terms Of Reference)
    • Elia received confidential feedback from Restore on the SDR qualification phase described in the draft procedure
    • Elia received confidential feedback from ENEL on the draft procedure (eligibility, penalties, out-of-winter conditions).
    • Elia received confidential feedback from Tessenderlo Group on the draft procedure (SDR criteria, aggregation of access points).
    • EnergyPool, Restore, Actility and ANODE provided input after the consultation deadline, which is therefore not taken into account in the final procedure.
    • GDF Suez provided input after the consultation deadline on financial conditions laid upon SGR suppliers. This feedback is however not taken into account in the final procedure.
  • Feedback received between 28/02 and 19/03/2014
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