Formal public consultation on the CRM Functioning Rules


Today, Friday 26 November 2021, Elia launches a formal public consultation of the stakeholders on the Functioning Rules of the Belgian Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (“CRM”) in accordance with Art. 7 undecies §12 of the Electricity Act.

This proposal contains the modifications Elia wishes to make to the current set of Functioning Rules as set by the Royal Decree of May 30th 2021 (DutchFrench). The main suggested changes have been presented to the stakeholders in the Adequacy Working Group. After the public consultation, a consultation report will be drafted, the Functioning Rules will be updated on the basis of received comments and will be formally submitted for approval to CREG by February 1st 2022 at the latest. The formal validation process of this set of Functioning Rules applicable for the Y-4 auction for the delivery period starting November 1st 2026 is foreseen to be finalised with a publication by Elia and the CREG at the latest by May 15th 2022. The text is then subject of a Royal Decree published in the Belgian Official Gazette.   


The stakeholders are kindly requested to provide their comments and suggestions at the latest by Tuesday 4 January 2022.

The reactions can be provided to Elia via the form below, where you can indicate the level of confidentiality. It is important to know that Elia will consolidate the different remarks and publish them on its website at the end of the consultation unless the respondent requests confidentiality in its response. Please note that all received feedback (also the confidential ones) may be shared with the members of the CRM Follow-up Committee (“Comité de Suivi”) consisting of representatives from the Federal Public Service Economy-DG Energy, the federal regulator CREG, the office of Federal Energy Minister Van der Straeten and Elia, unless the stakeholder explicitly indicates that this is not allowed.

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