Governance structure in Elia

Learn more about the board of directors and the management committees at Elia and 50Hertz, as well as our sustainability governance.

Elia is governed principally through:

  • Board of Directors

    A diverse set of 14 Directors, overseeing the mid- and long-term direction of the company.

  • Management Committee

    A diverse core team of 8 chief officers, overseeing the day-to-day management at Elia.

50Hertz is governed principally through:

  • Eurogrid

    Controlling and monitoring 50Hertz’s activities, co-determined by the Supervisory Board.

  • Supervisory Board
    A diverse set of 6 members, overseeing the mid- and long-term direction of the company.
  • Management Committee

    A diverse team of 5 members, overseeing the day-to-day management at 50Hertz.

The Management Committees approve the goals and the final reporting via the internal dashboards.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Environment

The CSR & Environment Department (part of Community Relations) sets the overall strategy, goals, standards, sets up the environmental management system and is responsible for reporting.

The various departments, be it operations, corporate affairs, infrastructure, corporate finance, or customers and markets, all have their respective targets, standards and implementation plans that they need to follow up on. Their respective team members are those that execute the plans and perform the internal checks.

Sustainability Governance

In 2019, Elia is setting up a sustainability governance framework which consists of a Core Team and a Steering Committee. The Core Team is presided by the Head of CSR & Environment, while the Steering Committee will be presided by the Chief Community Relations Officer.

The following departments will be represented in the Core Team at senior manager level :

Environment & CSR 
Internal Communication 
Asset Management 
External Relations 
Group Internal Audit / Secretariat General 
Strategy, Innovation and Digital 

The following departments will be represented at the Steering Committee at director level :

External Relations 
Public Affairs 
Corporate Finance 
Health & Safety 
Corporate Affairs / Human Resources 
Customers, Market & System 

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