As a transmission system operator, Elia wants to play a role in society. We always prioritise community interests and sustainability. Building partnerships is part of our mission.

Be Planet

In March 2017, Elia started a structural partnership with Be Planet. This partnership gives us the opportunity to meet our local partners so that we can take concrete action to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, ensure biodiversity near our projects and increase public acceptance of our projects. Working with Be Planet enables us to forge close relations with local stakeholders during our grid development projects, ensuring dialogue and providing on-site ambassadors.

Every year, Elia supports a portfolio of projects connected with our activities.

Projects supported in 2017

  • SeaWatch-B
    A network for observing the environmental situation of the North Sea.
  • Terre@Air
    Educating and informing young people about the environment and the energy transition.
  • Bûûmplanters
    Planting campaign to make Brussels greener.
  • Samenwerking voor Agrarisch Landschap
    turning wood waste into energy.
  • La Ferme Maximiliens

    A biodigestion system for bread waste that produces energy and organic fertiliser.

  • Jours sans viande
    An awareness-raising campaign on the effect of our eating habits on the environment.

Projects supported in 2018

  • La rue des hérissons
    Protecting habitats and biodiversity.
  • Mosfabriek
    Plant facades made of living moss.
  • Liège ville comestible en 4 ans
    Transforming urban spaces into edible spaces.
  • Vélo M2
    Pedalling to generate energy.

Rising Youth

Rising Youth, VDAB and IRIS Anticorrosion are helping young refugees aged 18 and over to find work. Elia took part in this project for the first time in 2017, training 24 young people in industrial painting for pylons. They took a free General Safety Instructions for Lines course and practised going up and down a pylon in Corbais. Thanks to the training programme, these young refugees all found work as industrial painters for high-voltage pylons.

Rising Youth and Elia won the 2017 Best Sustainable Partnership award for their collaboration at the fourth edition of the Sustainable Partnership Awards, an initiative of the sustainable development organisation The Shift.

ElectriCITY educational pack

Together with the distribution system operators, Elia developed a free educational kit on the energy transition and the importance of saving energy, aimed at children aged between 10 and 14.

A platform game featuring the characters Tom and Léa and experiments to be carried out in class enable the school children to find out in a fun way about the various aspects of the energy landscape and the importance of the rational use of energy.

Six thousand schools received the ElectriCity kit.

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