CRM implementation

Market parties can discuss the development of the capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM) with the CRM Task Force.

What is the CRM?

The introduction of a capacity remuneration mechanism for the Belgian market is part of the federal government’s energy strategy, which lays out a number of new measures designed to guarantee Belgium’s security of supply in the long term.

The federal government recently decided to incorporate provisions for the creation of a capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM) into the Act of 29 April 1999 on the Organisation of the Electricity Market (‘the Electricity Act’).

In 2018, a working group – consisting of representatives from the office of Federal Energy Minister Marghem, the Federal Public Service Economy – DG Energy, the federal regulator CREG and Elia – produced a bill on the capacity remuneration mechanism. The bill was debated and adopted at the meetings of the Chamber of Representatives’ Economic Committee on 12 and 19 March 2019.


A CRM Task Force was created to discuss the design principles of a CRM with the market parties. 


Information and documentation related to the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism to be put in place on the Belgian market is made available on this page.

Federal Grid Code

In order to guarantee the necessary level of competition between new generation projects, Elia identifies the need to modify some articles related to the connection process as currently described in the Federal Grid Code. This note explains the general principles behind the proposal and the proposed modifications.

Survey – June 2019

The topics of “strike and reference price” and “Pay-as-Bid versus Pay-as-Cleared” were discussed several times in the TF CRM meetings. For each topic different options were proposed and extensively discussed. During the TF CRM of 13 June 2019 it was requested to the stakeholders to state their preference related to these two topics.

The received answers are :

Public Consultations

Several public consultations are held within the framework of the design and implementation of a Belgian CRM as foreseen by the law of 4 April 2019 modifying the Electricity Law and published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 22 April 2019 (“CRM Law”) (Dutch versionFrench version). Links towards these consultations are provided below :

Elia - Formal public consultation on the CRM design notes (Part I) [13.09.2019-11.10.2019]

CREG – Public Consultation on Investment Thresholds and Eligibility Criteria [01.10.2019 – 21.10.2019] (Dutch versionFrench version)

Elia - Formal public consultation on the CRM design notes (Part II) [02.10.2019-30.10.2019]

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