Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Task Force CRM, information on the issues discussed and the approved minutes of the meetings.

Agenda - June 13h 2019

  1. Agenda
  2. Feedback from Stakeholders:
    • Fluvius
    • FEBEG
  3. Demand Curve (Elia – Daniel Huertas Hernando)
  4. Product : Availability Obligations (Elia – Elmo Van Thielen)
    • Principles on penalties
    • Examples on determination of available capacity
  5. Aggregation (Elia – Patrik Buijs)
  6. Investment Thresholds & Eligibility criteria (CREG)
  7. Strike & reference price – overview current proposals (Elia – Patrik Buijs)
  8. Pay-as-Bid vs Pay-as-Cleared – overview current proposals (Elia – Patrik Buijs)

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