Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Task Force CRM, information on the issues discussed and the approved minutes of the meetings.

Agenda - July 9th 2019

  1. Agenda
  2. Feedback from Stakeholders:
    • Bond Beter Leefmilieu/Greenpeace/IEW
    • FEBEG
  3. Secondary market (Elia – Nicolas Koelman)
  4. Prequalification – link with capacity reservation (Elia – Thibaut Gerard)
  5. Auction Mechanism
    • Grid Constraints (Elia – Pieter-Jan Marsboom)
    • Bidding Requirements & clearing (Elia – Glenn Plancke)
  6. Minimal Threshold & Cumulative Support (FPS Economy)
  7. Status on Pay-as-Bid vs Pay-as-Cleared and Strike & reference price (Elia – Patrik Buijs)
  8. Planning Second Semester 2019 (Elia – Martine Verelst)
  9. Approved minutes

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