Task Force CRM meeting #13

Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Task Force CRM, information on the issues discussed and the approved minutes of the meetings.

Agenda June 18th 2020

TF design CRM

  • Approval of Minutes of Meeting 05.05.2020
  • Feedback Public Consultation (Louis Magein)

TF implementation CRM

  • Implementation Planning (Thibaut Gérard)
  • Q&A Pre-delivery control (Sybille Mettens)
  • Q&A Financial Security (Julie Van Steen)
  • Q&A Availability Obligations & Penalties (Elmo Van Thielen)
  • Clarification Prequalification Process (Sybille Mettens)
  • Clarification Opt-Out Volume (Glenn Plancke)
  • Clarification Auction (Glenn Plancke)
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