Agenda Working Group Balancing

Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Working Group Balancing, information on the issues discussed and minutes of previous meetings.

Agenda June 19th 2020

  • Introduction and Validation of MoM
  • Change of minimum mFRR Standard Volumes to be contract as of July 1st
  • Analysis on the dynamic FRR needs and the available FRR means over the period February 1st, 2019 until January 31st, 2020 
  • iCAROS: State of Play and next steps
  • FCR/aFRR Go-Live
  • Feedback on Public Consultation on the Balancing Rules
  • AOB
    • EU stakeholder workshop MARI/PICASSO 13^th^ July
    • Smart Testing: State of Play
    • 4 GW offshore integration: State of Play
    • Implementation of ToE in DA/ID: next steps

There are currently no documents available.

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