Agenda Working Group Balancing

Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Working Group Balancing, information on the issues discussed and minutes of previous meetings.

Agenda 28 October 2021

  1. Introduction and minutes
  2. Implementation of Simplify
  3. Review of sub-metering and power measurement device specifications
  4. Results of public consultation of the Study on a technology-neutral framework for slow units
  5. Roadmap 2021-2022: Update
  6. aFRR: balancing publications
  7. a/mFRR: activation of contracted bids for redispatching purposes
  8. PICASSO: Imbalance price
  9. Workshop on Imbalance: Conclusions and next steps
  10. Request for feedback on imbalance behaviour on 21/04
  11. AOB
    1. Study on baseline methodologies – update public consultation and next steps
    2. T&C BRP – Status update
    3. T&C VSP public consultation
    4. Multiple BRPs per Access Point
    5. aFRR Capacity: Application of Cap Adjustment Variable (CAV)
    6. Open Data Platform : feedback on questions from stakeholders
    7. Elia Group IIP: feedback on questions from stakeholders
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