Agenda Working Group Balancing

Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Working Group Balancing, information on the issues discussed and minutes of previous meetings.

Agenda 27 January 2022

  1. Customers, Market & System: Change of organisation
  2. EU Balancing Program update
  3. aFRR : status on public consultations
    1. MARI : status on derogation to the connection to MARI
    2. mFRR : design note status and next steps
  4. Incentives: high level presentation of the scope, aim and ambition (Part 1)
    1. aFRR 5 min FAT – impact analysis and recommendations
    2. Study on procurement strategies for a dynamic calculation of FRR means: Follow-up study on the daily prediction of non-contracted balancing energy bids
    3. Analysis of possibilities for combined offers (Combo) of FCR/aFRR/mFRR and ToE DA/ID at DP pg delivery points
    4. Analysis and implementation of FCR evolutions pursuant art. 114(2) of SOGL
  5. 2021 Year overview: Capacity Auction Results
  6. Public Data Exposure
  7. iCAROS: impact on data exchange, IT system and operations – focus on phase 1 
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