Agenda Working Group Balancing

Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Working Group Balancing, information on the issues discussed and minutes of previous meetings.

Agenda 2 February 2023

  1. Introduction
  2. EU & BE Balancing Program Update
    1. Connection to PICASSO
    2. MARI & iCAROS phase 1
    3. T&C BRP and imbalance tariffs next steps
    4. Consolidated roadmap 2023
    5. Coming Stakeholder management interactions
  3. Follow-up incentive study on combos: multiple FSP on a DP and cascade
  4. Study on potential evolutions of the BRP perimeter corrections
  5. Incentive on prequalification, control, and penalties for the aFRR and mFRR services
  6. Prediction of Deterministic Frequency Deviation (DFD) and of the Elia contribution
  7. AOB:
    1. Communication on the go-live of aFRR on LV
    2. MVArs service –Review and recommendations for design optimizations

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