System Operation and European Market Design meeting

Here you will find the agenda for the meeting of the System Operation & European Market Design Working Group, information on the issues discussed and minutes of previous meetings.

Agenda 12 October 2021

1.Approval report previous meeting and follow-up actions
2.System Operations

   1.Retrospect on incompressibility
   2.Winter outlook
   3.Learnings from 8/1 system split – impact on way of working in Belgium
   4.Feedback from the 24/7 split Spain/Portugal, first learnings
   5.Feedback from the emergency situation during the recent rainfall 14&15/7
   6.Emergency & Restoration: update black out proof phones
3.European Market Design
   1.Derogation from the 70% rule for 2022
   2.Status Core FB DA implementation
   3.AOB: MRLVC, Core LT CCM, SIDC – CPM, Elia Group event on future-proofing the zonal market design 

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