Safety around our infrastructure

High voltage can kill. Always keep a safe distance and contact Elia if you need to be close to our high-voltage facilities.

What to look out for if you are carrying out activities near high-voltage facilities

Electrification and electrocution are specific risks associated with electricity. The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field it generates, and the more severe any injuries or damage may be.
You do not even need to touch a high-voltage facility to be at risk: an electric arc can strike you from a distance due to flashover. The effects are usually fatal. That is why you are advised to always stay at least 10 metres away from high-voltage facilities. Make sure to keep any objects at least 10 metres away too. 

If you want to work within 10 to 500 metres of Elia’s high-voltage facilities, you are required to notify us in advance. If you want to carry out other activities, there are a number of cases in which you must notify us first. No matter your circumstances, our Contact Centre would be happy to advise you on the safety measures you should take.

Emergency numbers

Call us right away if there is an accident, fire or other incident involving a high-voltage substation, a pylon or a high-voltage line.

Incident at a high-voltage substation
Call our freephone number: 0800 99 044

Incident involving a pylon or a high-voltage line or cable
Call our freephone number: 0800 95 062

You can use these numbers for urgent calls at any time of the day or night.

Emergency services

The emergency services can only respond to incidents in or near our facilities if authorised Elia staff are present. Elia staff know exactly which risks emergency services personnel may face. Potential hazards include induction voltage, explosion, and hazardous substances like oils, PCBs, SF6 gas or asbestos.
The Elia employee on the scene will begin by disconnecting the electrical facility and ensuring it is no longer live. Additional safety measures will then be taken. For instance, turntable ladders and aerial platforms will be earthed, and lines will be earthed and short-circuited.

For detailed information about carrying out activities near high-voltage power lines, read our brochure Staying safe near high-voltage facilities.  


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