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Are you carrying out work near our facilities?

Are you planning to carry out work close to our facilities? Do you have questions about the specific safety measures you need to take?

When to contact our Contact Centre?

There are specific risks involved in working near a high-voltage facility. Our Contact Centre can advise you on the safety measures you should take.

In some cases, you are required to contact us before you begin work :

  • If you will be working within 100 metres of our facilities;
  • If you will be working near pipelines carrying hazardous substances;
  • If you will be working near HV power lines;
  • If you will be working near underground electricity cables;
  • Before you begin a construction project or issue a building permit; 
  • If you will be working with tall farming equipment (like tractors, irrigation equipment or combine harvesters) under high-voltage lines;
  • If you will be working with a crane, elevator, excavator or another long object (like a ladder);
  • If you are working on a roof or scaffolding within 100 metres of an overhead line;
  • If you are erecting a wind turbine.

Regional reporting points

Anybody wishing to carry out work close to high-voltage lines, high-voltage pylons, underground electricity cables or high-voltage substations is required to report these works to Elia so that they can be given maps of the relevant facilities and instructions about the safety measures to take while working near them.

  •  If you are planning work in Flanders, you should use the regional reporting point, KLIP (Flemish Cable and Pipeline Information Portal).
  •  If you are planning work in Brussels, you should use the federal reporting point, KLIM/CICC (Federal Cable and Pipeline Management Database).
  •  You can use KLIM/CICC for work in Wallonia too.

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