2016 - Proposal for concepts for the pilot BidLadder


In case of residual imbalance in the Belgian control zone via the balancing market Elia calls upon both reserved (like contracts for R3 Production, R3 DP and ICH) and non-reserved power (so-called “free bids”). Today such free bids can only be provided by remaining flexibility on large production units (so-called “CIPU-units”). Elia’s ambition is to also create the possibility for offering free bids on the balancing market from flexibility coming from grid users, aggregators and smaller production units.


To realise this Elia created the pilot project BidLadder aiming to provide all market parties with a bidding platform by 30 June 2017, in a first stage for the delivery of flexibility to the balancing market from delivery points in the Elia grid, and later potentially – after deliberation with the DSOs - from delivery points connected to the distribution grid.

Elia launches a public consultation on a “proposal for concepts for the pilot project BidLadder”. This includes a solution for the “Transfer of Energy” (ToE). In a design note Elia describes the pilot project BidLadder, including a concrete solution for arranging the so-called Transfer of Energy. This solution, which builds on the conclusions on the Transfer of Energy mechanism made by CREG in its study 1459, makes it possible that grid users, via a so-called Flexibility Service Provider, can easily bring their flexibility to the market without requiring preceding arrangements with their supplier or without needing to become themselves Balance Responsible Party for their access/delivery point.

Market participants already had the opportunity to communicate their remarks and suggestions during different interactions. This consultation is considered as a final interaction for the time being.

Market participants are asked to provide their remarks and suggestions, in particular with respect to part 2 (description of the bidding platform “BidLadder” with the role of Flexibility Service Provider), part 3 (market model for transfer of energy) and part 4 (contractual framework for participation on the BidLadder). Elia also requests explicitly the parties to provide an opinion on the desirability of additional functionality with respect to the combination of BidLadder and R3 (cf. part

It is important to know that all remarks will be published at the end of the consultation unless the respondent requests confidentiality in its reponse.


A period of 4 weeks is given to market parties to provide their remarks. Reactions have to be sent no later than 8 September 2016, 18h00.

Next, Elia consolidates the different remarks and publishes them on the website. The Elia response to the remarks made will be provided via a consultation report. This consultation report will also be published on the Elia website and will be presented during a meeting of the Task Force BidLadder early October.

Reactions with respect to elements outside the scope of this consultation will not be taken into account by Elia All reactions have to be sent by e-mail to the following address: consultations@elia.be.

After the consultation, Elia processed the contributions received from the stakeholders into a final design note. A consultation report summarizes the contributions received and Elia’s reactions.

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