Public consultation: new EU guideline compliant approach for the coordination of assets for system operations and market procedures


Historically all the key tasks regarding system operations and market procedures for large Production Units were organised with the Access Responsible Party via the CIPU Contract (Coordination of Injection of Production Units). The implementation of operational information requirements and development of new roles as imposed by the European Guideline on Electricity Transmission System Operation, the further decentralisation of generation, development of demand side management and emergence of new types of market parties are requiring a change of this historical contract.


This proposal is the result of an analysis and extensive discussions with relevant stakeholders in the framework of the iCAROS project (integrated Coordination of Assets for Redispatching and Operational Security). To clarify the future context in which the procedures are to be organized, an introductory note provides a broader picture of the future roles and responsibilities as required by the European Guidelines. Besides two other design notes are consulted elaborating the design principles for the new procedures for respectively the Outage Planning Agent and the Scheduling Agent. Finally a fourth document describes how congestion risks will be considered for the delivery of balancing services.

Note that the scope of the design notes concerns the assets connected on the ELIA grid and to ELIA-connected CDS, regardless of whether the asset is directly connected to the ELIA grid or locally on the site of a demand facility or CDS. The inclusion of assets connected to DSO grids is subjects to a separate trajectory between ELIA and Synergrid and will be communicated at a later time.

The key objective of this consultation is to receive input from stakeholders regarding the design principles and the adaptations which need to be foreseen in the new Federal Grid Code. In a next stage Elia will further refine the design and develop an implementation trajectory in close collaboration with the different stakeholders.


Stakeholders are asked to provide their remarks, concerns, and suggestions on the proposed design via the online form on the ELIA website. The consultation is open from 11 December 2017 until 15 January 2018 included (18h00).

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